The importance of air conditioners and breathing healthy air

22 Apr 2020

Cleaning your air conditioner is vitally important, just like servicing your car. If the filters are clogged and dirty, the natural airflow is impeded, making the machine work harder than it should. Therefore, when your evaporator coil is coated with mould, bacteria, dirt or dust, it is unable to provide your home with clean, hygienic air.

Benefits of maintaining a clean air conditioning system

Air conditioning systems are expensive appliances from which you expect a great deal, especially in extreme heat. Maintaining clean air conditioning systems will reap many benefits for you, both in the short and the long term.

  • To Protect Your Health and Well-Being
    Dirt and debris accumulate inside the unit with prolonged use. If your unit is not regularly cleaned, these accumulations will be released into your home and will affect your family’s health.
  • To Save Money
    Filters, coils, and fins of an air conditioner require routine cleaning to make the unit work efficiently and effectively. Neglecting a bi-annual clean will see a gradual decline in the efficiency and a rise in energy costs.
  • To Make Your Unit Last Longer
    Eventually, leaving air conditioners working in a polluted state will lead to more significant problems and total failure. As the air conditioner unit collects more dust and debris, the unit is susceptible to overheating because the evaporator coils cannot work efficiently.

Overall, when our planet challenges us, we need a safe home to stay in where we can Breathe Healthy Air. However, without a proper clean, this cannot be achieved.

Breathe healthy air

At The Aircon Co, we believe that a quality air conditioner clean and sanitise is imperative to supporting the air quality in your home. A dirty air conditioner will simply recycle the microbial pollutants throughout your home.

When you schedule an appointment with The Aircon Co technician, you are employing a professional who will inspect, clean and sanitize your air conditioner to ensure that it operates at optimum levels and that there are no underlying problems.

You will be kept informed throughout the process and you will be given our industry-leading peace of mind Guarantee. It is an easy way to safeguard your investment and the comfort of your home, all with one simple step. Contact us and ensure your family will Breathe Healthy Air!

Benefits of Inverter Air Conditioning

Inverter air conditioning is more expensive than non-inverter air conditioning, but with the deteriorating state of the energy system in South Africa, it is a worthy investment to consider.  The main difference is that an inverter air conditioning unit delivers a fixed amount of power using a fixed speed compressor. The speed of the compressor varies, so as to deliver the precise cooling or heating power required.

Benefits of inverter air conditioning

  • Up to 40% cheaper to run as it consumes less power
  • Reaches the desired temperature quicker
  • Startup time is reduced by 30%
  • Much quieter when running
  • No temperature fluctuations, therefor maximizing comfort level
  • No voltage peaks from the compressor
  • All Samsung inverter air conditioners are heat pumps which in itself is one of the most energy efficient form of heating.

How does inverter air conditioning work?

The amount of cooling or heating required by an air conditioner varies depending on the outdoor temperature and the amount of heat in the room. When cooling or heating capacity needs to be decreased, the compressor will operate at a high speed and will increase the amount of refrigerant flow.

When the inverter air conditioner is switched on, the compressor operates at a high speed in order to cool or heat the room quicker.

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