What should you expect from an air conditioning clean

05 Aug 2020

We recommend that you clean your Air Conditioner at least once per year, to keep it clean and sanitised. Simply cleaning the filters every once in a while is not a thorough clean. A filter clean should certainly be part of your overall maintenance schedule, but it’s not the only job to be done. For example, if only the oil is cleaned at your car service, that could be ok for a while, however eventually, it will need new spark plugs, tyres rotated or a new timing belt. The same rules apply to your air conditioning care. When it comes to getting a professional to clean and sanitise your air conditioner annually, this is what you should expect:

Before starting to clean your air conditioner

Your technician should arrive on time and discuss with you how your air conditioner has been performing recently. They should be professionally trained and certified, industry experts who understand the necessary parts and functions of your air conditioner. Before they commence a clean, they should check the ‘chill factor’ and air flow.

Cleaning the filter

An air conditioner clean should certainly include a thorough clean of the filters. A household vacuum followed by a sponge and soapy water isn’t enough for your annual clean. A HydroKleen uses specialised equipment throughout the cleaning process.

Cleaning all air conditioner components

A professional clean should include a thorough clean of the scroll fan and surround, the coil, the drain, as well as dry clean the electrical components, such as the PC boards. The plastic fascia should be wiped clean, as well as the remote controls. Finally, we will clean your outside condenser unit if it is at ground level – condenser units that are on your roof or exposed to the elements are self-cleaning.

Final steps in cleaning your air conditioner

Before your technician leaves, they should always check the ‘chill factor’ and the air flow for performance improvements. If there were any issues with your air conditioner, they should be noted and information provided on any additional steps you need to take.

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Benefits of Inverter Air Conditioning

Inverter air conditioning is more expensive than non-inverter air conditioning, but with the deteriorating state of the energy system in South Africa, it is a worthy investment to consider.  The main difference is that an inverter air conditioning unit delivers a fixed amount of power using a fixed speed compressor. The speed of the compressor varies, so as to deliver the precise cooling or heating power required.

Benefits of inverter air conditioning

  • Up to 40% cheaper to run as it consumes less power
  • Reaches the desired temperature quicker
  • Startup time is reduced by 30%
  • Much quieter when running
  • No temperature fluctuations, therefor maximizing comfort level
  • No voltage peaks from the compressor
  • All Samsung inverter air conditioners are heat pumps which in itself is one of the most energy efficient form of heating.

How does inverter air conditioning work?

The amount of cooling or heating required by an air conditioner varies depending on the outdoor temperature and the amount of heat in the room. When cooling or heating capacity needs to be decreased, the compressor will operate at a high speed and will increase the amount of refrigerant flow.

When the inverter air conditioner is switched on, the compressor operates at a high speed in order to cool or heat the room quicker.

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